Work trip

Just a short entry with some photos from my long weekend in Hong Kong. Had been there to attend an event on Thursday and had the rest of Friday to Sunday free (I did, of course, had to work lol). Managed to tick a couple of things off the list, such as hiking to Violet Hill / The Twins, visiting the very strange Montane Mansions (Ghost in the Shell reference) and of course, stuffing our faces silly with wanton mee and dimsum.
Stayed at the very excellent Excelsior Hotel again. Unbeatable location and views! But we had to extend our stay and couldn't afford the nightly rates there so we had to move to Yau Ma Tei after 2 nights.
Dimsum at Kennedy Town. Dude makes siew mai by hand all day, everyday.
That's the mountain of meat there. Great dimsum, typically Hong Kong fashion where you share tables with others. But in this one you had to go pick up the food yourself at the corner where tons of steam baskets were stacked. I love quail siewmai!
This is the (in)famous Australian Dairy Co which we had a quick breakfast before climbing The Twins. We were unceremoniously chucked into a corner and forced to use one set of cutlery (one fork and one spoon) because we only bought one set meal to share. The waiter was very unapologetic about it. Amusing max.
There were many hikers along the trail, most of them foreigners (or expats). Suffered the consequence of forgetting to bring my cap; ended up with a sunburn and it even poured midway through the hike but thankfully it stoped and we dried off before we reached the peak.
Was amazed that this scenery could be found in Hong Kong! The steps were KILLER and I ached for days afterwards but so worth it.
Uncles and aunties catching a break midhike.
Bused back from Stanley to Central, but couldn't decide on what to eat there so we went to a very authentically local dimsum shop on Temple Street where it definitely wasn't the most hygienic but so delicious.
The next day I had beef horfun soup the next door which was so good but again, was seated at a cramped spot near the door even though the shop was totally empty.

Also managed to visit Montane Mansion at Quarry Bay, which is a very residential area but photographers, both local and foreign, flock here for the very photogenic high rises. This was also featured in Ghost in the Shell albeit highly-CGI-ed.
Last photos, a bookstore-cafe hybrid at Yau Ma Tei (name's Kubrick, after Stanley Kubrick I suppose) which attracted lots of tourists as well.
Always lots of stuff to discover in Hong Kong! Till the next time!


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